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ANDA Systems was founded with the vision of addressing the dental industry's claims processing problems at cost effective rates. With nearly two decades of experience in delivering dental specific technology & services to hundreds of dental insurance carriers, hundreds of vendors, and tens of thousands of dental providers, ANDA's revolutionary solutions draw from tangible experiences of working with the dental industry's leading oragnizations and actual case examples of their historically futile attempts to stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape.

ANDA's depth of expertise in enabling Payors to process and manage the interconnectivity of information to the dental community is unparalleled. Whether it's EDI transactional compliance, complex adjudication rules-engine processing, data warehousing, custom workflow and processing to meet regulatory needs, or processing information in Real-Time amongst multiple platforms and parties - ANDA Systems is your single turnkey solution vendor.

Underlying features of all ANDA claims processing solutions:

  • Built from ground up "by dental, for dental"
  • Real-Time architecture
  • Rules based processing and maintenance
  • Automated workflow and routing
  • Pre-built dental workflows help start a migration
  • Real-time connectivity with external sources delivers EDI fast
  • Hosted (ASP) or deployed system
  • Medicaid-specific version focuses on prior authorization / manual review processes
  • Capitated-specific version delivers managed care focused solution
  • Integrated with leading clearinghouses & paper-to-EDI/OCR vendors
  • Connected to leading outside dental review firms
  • Linked to printing organizations at discounted rates
    ...and more!

Call ANDA systems and learn how dental processing can become profitable once again!





Robust service offerings compliment ANDA's technology products, simplifying operational workflows and reducing costs.

Are you interested in learning about the dental market's first real-time adjudication platforms? Finally, a solution
built for dental, by
dental - not some
spinoff from a
medical vendor
or division.

Think your firm
has products and services that
may compliment
ANDA's initiatives?
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With 18 years of dental EDI know-how, ANDA's support staff has deliverd for providers,
Payors and vendors a
like. We stress
ownership of
followed by
broad resolution

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