Create and maintain large data access & processing solutions that are cost effective to build, maintain and scale through aligned creation, communication and collaboration.


Help industries identify, re-design and launch cost-effective solutions that address pain points of doing business. The goal of ANDA is to:

About ANDA Systems

Businesses around the globe are constantly challenged with converting ideas into tangible solutions. Even more so, corporations struggle to keep up with the growing demand for data access while balancing the need between ease of use and security.

ANDA Systems was launched to help the healthcare industry address the growing need for “solutions to problems” which were not being addressed in a cost effective manner by vendors, and quickly became recognized as a pioneer in the general “software engineering” field including non-healthcare arenas.

What began as a SaaS company offering the dental industry custom solutions and services quickly grew out of dental and into other healthcare and non-healthcare fields to bring professional, fast and custom products and services that helped shape the way companies share and exchange data.

Additionally, with the recent shift from client-installed software applications to hosted or Software as a Service (SaaS) models, ANDA quickly caught the wave and began developing solutions which provided a specific need for organizations but in a cost effective and managed method.

These hosted solutions lower total cost of ownership reduce the technical resources required to implement and support applications and bring years of know-how into a company without the high overhead expense of hiring in-house expertise across multiple disciplines.

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Harvey Rock


Marc Menendez

Managing Partner & COO

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