Case Study: WorkCompEDI

THE CHALLENGE:  WorkCompEDI was an entrepreneurial idea conceived in 2004 by electronic data interchange (EDI) processing pioneers who designed the healthcare industry’s first dental “real-time claims processing” platform in 1991.  Their experience and know-how on how to create a cutting-edge “data processing” clearinghouse that could handle the highly flexible data conversion and processing needs of the workers compensation industry did not provide them with the necessary knowledge on how to handle the “supporting document” dilemma that plagued many group health clearinghouses attempting to enter this new arena.   Traditional document management tools available to the industry were either inflexible, unable to integrate cleanly, or were built on cost models that became prohibitive with growth and scale.

THE SOLUTION:  WorkCompEDI contracted ANDA Systems to develop a customized and highly flexible enterprise document management (EDM) system that could be integrated into WorkCompEDI’s existing claims clearinghouse environment, while providing hyper-flexible integration capabilities. Today, WorkCompEDI (WCEDI) is the nation’s leading clearinghouse for the work comp, auto and personal injury markets, specializing in bringing together over 3,000 electronic connections between Payers, Bill Review Companies, Employers, Providers, and Vendors to promote the open exchange of EDI in order to accelerate revenue cycles, lower costs and increase operational efficiency.  WCEDI offers an array of flexible products and services for all parties (Payers, Vendors, Bill Review Companies, Clearinghouses, Software Vendors, Provider Networks & more) that facilitate connectivity among the integral parties of the work comp industry.