IMSLink™ (Image Management System) is a hosted (SaaS) document management system that provides extensive document indexing, storage and retrieval capabilities without the upfront capital investment of premise-based solutions.

  • 24/7 document availability
  • Robust workflow capabilities for document routing, processing and automation
  • Private label functionality built in
  • Seamless integration with other systems through flexible API
  • Scalable processing resources that can grow with your needs
  • Turnkey upgrades and access to technical support included
  • Existing integration to market leading EDI clearinghouses (healthcare & work comp)
  • Automated email notifications as defined by end users
  • Self-management of users and customers through web interface
  • Billing by credit card (if applicable) or through-partner invoicing available
  • Fully integrated OCR / Paper-to-EDI services & printing vendors (discount services to partners)
  • Full-text search of entire system
  • In-line search within lists to find item in particular list
  • Export search results to Excel
  • Direct search by keywords to quickly access what you want to find
  • Web browser user-friendly administration without any plug-ins or desktop applications required
  • PDF viewing directly through browser
  • Microsoft Active Directory authentication can be used
  • SSL secure connection
  • Automatic disaster recovery backup performed in real-time (raided virtual replication)
  • All modern browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari
  • No browser plug-ins required
  • Integration capabilities allow for integration with systems and applications.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory or other LDAP-based service for approved network authentication.
  • Web Services-based API, with documentation and examples, to build custom integrations


IMS Workflow™ is a collaborative work management tool featuring breakthrough flexibility for automating workflow processes in nearly any area of your business. It provides a secure, web-based system where multiple teams can track issues and tasks, collaborate, and automate workflow processes to work more efficiently and effectively.

General capabilities include:

  • Automated workflow process management and tracking of nearly any business document processing activity, including document reviews & approvals, keyword updating for auto-adjudication rules processing, screening activity reviews, and more!
  • Streamline issue tracking and management for nearly any departmental or cross-departmental business activity.
  • Administer sweeps, tasks and document rules logic
  • Real-time status views of tasks, issues, and more
  • Guide issue processing and approvals with user-defined approval schemes
  • Issue escalation, with email notifications, per user-defined escalation rules
  • Set notification rules for different groups of items
  • Get email notifications when changes are made to a task
  • Use full-text search to search for comments

Anda Logo ReportsIMSreporting™

Detailed list views, dashboards, and reports make it easy to see your business at a fingertip

  • View task lists by group, owner, status, priority, deadline, and more
  • Multi-level grouping for complex reporting (for example, by User and Status)
  • Sorting and grouping within lists for easier comprehension and enhanced analytical purposes
  • Smart grouping by date (yesterday, today, next month, etc.)
  • Pre-defined reports automated to run in background reducing response timelines
  • Save lists and dashboards in different folders
  • Export reports to Excel for additional analysis
  • Activity logging reports track adds, changes and deletions at data element level



TroubleTicket (TTS) was developed to provide flexibility in how a company manages, organizes, reports and resolves customer issues through online issues reporting. While competing products can be highly complex to customize and implement – causing backups, inefficient workflows and customer dissatisfaction – TTS was built by entrepreneurs seeking a powerful yet simple (Google-esq) solution that handled internal and external trouble ticket administration without sacrificing efficient communication amongst parties.


SalesDesk is a simple CRM solution that organizes the interactions between prospects and your company representatives.

Anda Logo Desk2HelpDesk™

HelpDesk is a convenient support solution for your company.

D&NDA Real-Time™ Administration Platform

The D&NDA Real-Time™ adjudication processing system is the dental industry’s first Real-Time claims adjudication platform designed to address every facet of administering a dental benefits plan – small or large – including Capitated, PPO or Hybrid offerings. Built by the pioneers of the dental industry’s only end-to-end, Real-Time Claims clearinghouse, D&NDA Real-Time™ incorporates the know-how of hundreds of insurance carriers who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to incorporate all of the features and functionalities offered within D&NDA Real-Time™ (with limited success).

D&NDA Real-Time™ fulfills the needs of the dental industry at a reasonable cost while delivering all the key functionalities and flexibility required to properly administer the ever-evolving and customized needs of the dental market.

General capabilities include:

  • Member & Provider Management
  • Network Maintenance
  • Benefit Plan Management
  • Dental Review Management
  • Integrated Repricing
  • History Management
  • Financial Management
  • Reporting
  • Customer Service
  • Provider / Member web account access

D&NDA-Lite™ Administration Platform (ASP)

The D&NDA-Lite™ product is a simplified version of D&NDA Real-Time™, including being a hosted solution designed to address the custom needs of administering a dental Medicaid program without the burden of custom software development or costly infrastructure investments. D&NDA-Lite™ offers a turnkey processing and online workflow system that incorporates all facets of the receipt, processing, responding and reporting needs required to successfully manage and administer a dental Medicaid program.

Fully integrated workflows along with customized processing interfaces address even the most complicated Notice of Action (NoA) communications that often raise costs. Fax-out and complete printing service functionalities reduce manual intervention and the need to engage other vendors to perform critical facets of the administration. Robust reporting and tracking functionality simplifies the high level review of a customer’s business, while providing instant details about any level of transaction processing, provider or member information.

D&NDA-Lite™ is sure to deliver the overall value that off-the-shelf claims adjudication systems of today cannot!